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The Destination for

Real Estate Investments

In 2014, Detroit came out of bankruptcy, after being the symbol of the financial crisis in 2009.

Today, Detroit is recovering and attracting investors, achieving business and public support to aid in the resurfacing of this promising city. 

Detroit aims to become the next Silicon Valley.

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Why invest with our group?








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Why invest in Detroit?

As real estate investments continue to rise, Detroit continues to be an attractive city for experienced investors looking for quality property management.

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10 reasons to Invest in Detroit

1. Easy to invest

2. Job growth: companies like Whole Foods, Microsoft, Google recently moving in.

3. Population growth: 4.3M residents in the metropolitan area.

4. Robust technology infrastructure.

5. Workforce is recognized worldwide for its skills, expertise, and productivity.

6. Home values in Detroit increased by 27.4% over the last year.

7. Renter-occupied households in Detroit is currently 44%.

8. Attractive low cost of living, affordable rentals, and vibrant neighborhoods.

9. Major sports teams like Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Lions give fans plenty to cheer about.

10. Forbes ranked Detroit as one of the best places for business and careers in the U.S.

Over the last five years home values in Detroit increased by over 122%.

Rents in Detroit have increased by 15%


Our Renovation Process

(Before and After)

Replacement of hydraulic pipes

Kitchen & bathroom renovations

Replacement of internal heating systems

Replacement of floors

Replacement of electrical


Exterior & interior key renovations

Your 5 Step Property Investment Guide

1. Provide a deposit to hold off property from the market and complete a title analysis.

2. Close on the contract and property.

3. Proceed with repairs and renovations.

4. Register with the property administration company.

5. Tenant search and final property rental.

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